Apple CEO Tim Cook Hails Generative AI as ‘Incredible Breakthrough’ at Shareholder Meeting

February 29, 2024 – Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed his enthusiasm for generative artificial intelligence (AI) during today’s shareholder meeting, stating that the company believes it holds “incredible potential for breakthroughs.” This sentiment underscores Apple’s significant investments in this rapidly evolving field.

According to Cook, Apple is confident that AI-generated content (AIGC) will revolutionize user experiences, enhancing productivity and problem-solving capabilities. In keeping with this vision, the CEO promised that later this year, Apple would reveal its “innovative approach to AIGC,” describing it as another technology that has the potential to “redefine the future.”

Rumors and leaks suggest that Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 update will introduce a plethora of AI-powered features. Notably, the Siri voice assistant is expected to receive a substantial upgrade, gaining the ability to engage in natural conversations. This marks a significant step forward in Siri’s capabilities, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Since early 2023, Apple has been quietly testing a large language model called “Ajax.” This generative AI tool is being leveraged to build Apple’s proprietary language model and chatbot, further solidifying the company’s commitment to AI innovation. The model is expected to bring “auto-complete” and “auto-summarize” functionalities to Apple’s core applications and productivity suite, including Pages and Keynote.

Additionally, the new and improved Siri will boast offline capabilities, allowing it to run locally on devices. This not only enhances response times but also improves privacy and security, as user data remains within the confines of their personal device. Siri’s evolution is a clear indication of Apple’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge AI experiences that prioritize user privacy and performance.

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