New Samsung Union Emerges, Uniting Four Subsidiaries with Over 13,000 Members

February 01, 2024 – In a recent development, it has been reported that four subsidiaries of the Samsung Group – Samsung Electronics DX (Device Experience), Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Samsung Display, and Samsung Biologics – have come together to form a unified labor union known as the “Samsung Cross-Enterprise Union.”

With a membership exceeding 13,000 individuals, this newly formed union is comparable in size to the Samsung Group’s largest labor union, the National Samsung Electronics Union, which boasts a membership of 14,000.

Currently, details regarding the specific plans and policies of this cross-enterprise union remain undisclosed. However, it is anticipated that the union will actively engage in various aspects such as safeguarding employees’ rights, enhancing welfare benefits, and improving working conditions.

The announcement of this union has sparked widespread attention and discussion within the industry. Many experts believe that the establishment of this cross-enterprise union will have profound implications for the Samsung Group and the broader labor landscape in South Korea.

On one hand, it is expected to provide better protection for employees’ rights and interests, leading to improved job satisfaction and welfare benefits. On the other hand, it could also contribute to promoting sustainable corporate development and social harmony and stability.

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