Oracle Debuts AI-Powered Java Coding Assistant: Oracle Code Assist

May 13, 2024 – Following in the footsteps of tech giants like Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google, Oracle has entered the fray of developing AI-powered coding assistants. Recently, the company unveiled its latest offering, Oracle Code Assist, designed to aid users in Java programming.

Built upon Oracle’s cloud-based platform, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle Code Assist is geared towards streamlining the development process for Java, SQL programs, and applications on the OCI platform. Oracle underscores that its AI coding assistant has undergone extensive training across various software libraries and has been fine-tuned using the company’s own software, enabling users to achieve “efficient programming” when paired with Oracle’s offerings.

Currently, this coding assistant can tackle tasks such as code generation, production of API documentation, and intelligent comment insertion. It boasts the ability to “help developers understand coding principles, review or modify existing code.” Additionally, the assistant provides suggestions for modifications and can even generate pull requests to automatically merge code changes into software libraries.

According to Oracle, businesses can also leverage Oracle Code Assist for “advanced functionalities.” These include integrating the assistant with internal codes, frameworks, and libraries to produce “customized” code. Furthermore, it can learn from past development experiences within an enterprise to identify potential coding errors and inefficiencies in subsequent projects.

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