OpenAI Gives Green Light for Former Employees to Sell Shares

April 11, 2024 – According to recent media reports, informed sources have revealed that OpenAI has notified some of its former employees that they are now permitted to sell their shares in the company.

This move follows the recent $86 billion valuation acquisition offer received by the company, which has propelled OpenAI into the ranks of the world’s most valuable startups. The deal is being led by Thrive Capital, a venture capital firm headed by Josh Kushner.

Initially scheduled for last year, the sale of shares was postponed due to the dismissal of CEO Sam Altman from the OpenAI board in November. However, Altman has since been rehired by the company, and the board membership is currently undergoing adjustments.

In addition to the acquisition offer, OpenAI is exploring a new round of funding, which could potentially push the company’s valuation to over $100 billion. Meanwhile, Altman is actively raising funds to increase the global supply of cutting-edge computing chips.

Over a year ago, OpenAI unveiled its remarkable AI chatbot, ChatGPT, which sparked an AI craze in Silicon Valley. Since then, tech giants, investors, and startups have followed suit, driving rapid advancements in this technology.

Throughout its journey, OpenAI has maintained its industry leadership, securing funding from various investors and sealing a massive $13 billion partnership deal with Microsoft.

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