OpenAI CEO Altman Addresses Concerns on AI at Davos Forum: Emphasizes Safety and Human-Centric Approach

January 19, 2024 – Addressing attendees at the Davos Forum, Sam Altman, the Chief Executive Officer of OpenAI, emphasized that artificial intelligence (AI) cannot replace humans and urged against overhyping the technology to the point of inducing panic.

Altman acknowledged the remarkable progress AI has made in certain domains but highlighted its inherent limitations. He contended that AI lacks the capacity to fully replicate human judgment and creativity, positioning it more as a supportive tool rather than a direct substitute for human capabilities.

Acknowledging the concerns surrounding AI, Altman assured that OpenAI is committed to steering its development towards a technology that “we believe can be made safe.” He advocated for a gradual deployment of AI models, allowing society sufficient time to deliberate on their impact and establish safeguarding measures.

On the regulatory front, Altman expressed confidence in addressing the challenges posed by the global deployment and implementation of AI. He posited that entrusting the technology to people and allowing society and technology to co-evolve is the only viable path forward. By incrementally building systems that meet safety standards, Altman believes we can ensure that the advancement of AI does not pose a threat to humanity.

Notably, in November 2023, Altman briefly faced dismissal from OpenAI’s board due to concerns over AI safety and the board’s dissatisfaction with his leadership in protecting AI. However, following strong opposition from OpenAI employees and investors, Altman swiftly resumed his position.

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