OpenAI Bolsters Search Powers with Acquisition of Rockset

June 22, 2024 – On June 21 local time, OpenAI announced the completion of its acquisition of Rockset, a company specializing in database retrieval and analysis. This move is aimed at integrating Rockset’s technology and talent to enhance the search infrastructure of OpenAI’s various products.

In its press release, OpenAI emphasized that artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize how people organize and utilize their data, which is the driving force behind the acquisition of Rockset. The latter is known for providing a “world-class” real-time analytics database with data indexing and querying capabilities.

It is reported that through this acquisition, Rockset will enable users, developers, and enterprises to better leverage their data and access real-time information when using AI products and building smarter applications.

Brad Lightcap, the Chief Operating Officer of OpenAI, stated, “Rockset’s infrastructure allows companies to transform data into actionable insights. We are excited to integrate Rockset’s capabilities into OpenAI’s products, bringing these benefits to our customers.” Similarly, Venkat Venkataramani, the CEO of Rockset, expressed that the company will aid users, enterprises, and developers in fully utilizing their data by providing powerful search functionalities for AI.

According to public information, Rockset was founded in 2016 by a team with extensive experience in large-scale data management and distributed systems software engineering from companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and Oracle. One of its key technologies offered is “vector search.”

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