No Account Needed: ChatGPT Goes Mobile with Login-Free Version

May 22, 2024 – OpenAI’s popular chatbot, ChatGPT, is soon expected to arrive on mobile devices in a login-free version. This development was discovered by Android Authority in the ChatGPT (beta) v1.2024.136 version for Android, revealing a feature that enables users to engage in conversation with the AI chatbot without the need to create an account.

Previously, OpenAI had mandated the creation of an OpenAI account or logging in via Google, Apple, or Microsoft accounts to access ChatGPT. However, last month, the company announced that users could now enjoy a login-free version of ChatGPT free of charge. OpenAI highlighted several benefits of having an account, including the ability to save and view chat histories, share chat content, and unlock additional features like voice conversations and custom instructions.

According to earlier reports, OpenAI stated that the login-free version would be “gradually rolled out.” Although the feature has currently been spotted on the Android version, it is anticipated to arrive on both Android and iOS systems in the future.

Users have the option to opt-out of using their conversation content to improve ChatGPT and OpenAI’s models. However, it’s worth noting that the login-free version of the chatbot does not support image uploads. This functionality requires the support of the GPT-4o model and necessitates users to log in with a free or premium account.

During its spring update event last week, OpenAI unveiled a slew of announcements. Alongside GPT-4o, they showcased a new ChatGPT application tailored for macOS and introduced AI voice capabilities. Interestingly, OpenAI has decided to temporarily discontinue one of its AI voices that sounded remarkably similar to Scarlett Johansson, who previously voiced an AI assistant in the movie “Her.”

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