GPT-4o’s Custom GPT and Other Advanced Features Now Free for All ChatGPT Users

May 30, 2024 – ChatGPT has recently expanded its offerings for free users, allowing them to experiment with a range of new GPT-4o features, including custom GPT models, analytics charts, and more. This move comes as part of OpenAI’s commitment to making GPT-4o accessible to all users for free, with paid users enjoying a fivefold increase in capacity limits.

Previously, advanced features such as model and network responses, data analytics, chart creation, visuals, file uploads, memory, and custom GPT models were exclusive to paid subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, Teams, and Enterprise plans. However, these functionalities are now available to all ChatGPT users, albeit with a catch: free users will be automatically switched back to GPT-3.5 once they hit their message or conversation limits with GPT-4o.

It’s worth noting that while free users can now explore custom GPT models, they still cannot create their own. Meanwhile, authors of custom GPT models have the opportunity to participate in the revenue-sharing program that OpenAI began testing in March.

Additionally, users can now link their OneDrive and Google Drive accounts to ChatGPT, enhancing their data analysis capabilities and enabling them to create customizable charts for a richer and more efficient experience.

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